The transformation of health care in the Bronx depends on your help.

Rooftop Farm

As Hippocrates, the Greek physician considered the father of medicine, said:“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

This is the concept behind the high-yield farm that will be located on the roof of SBH’s Health & Wellness Center. Here, thousands of pounds of fresh local produce will be grown in the heart of our urban community. The abundant sunlight that will reach the farm, along with a greenhouse, will combine for ideal growing conditions year-round.

The rooftop farm will be an invaluable community asset that addresses food security issues that threaten the health of our neighbors. Produce grown on the farm will be available at a ground level farm stand on the SBH campus. A “Farmacy” healthy food prescription program will enable SBH health professionals to prescribe produce grown on the rooftop farm to our

patients who are at-risk for nutrition-related diseases.

In addition, 60,000 bees live on the rooftop farm, providing jars of honey. The rooftop farm will also be a venue for education about the importance of fruits and vegetables to an individual’s health through a variety of community outreach programs, such as tours, workshops and summer youth employment programs.