Womens Imaging Center

The new Women’s Imaging Center provides integrated diagnostic care by a multidisciplinary staff of experienced and highly trained clinicians.  We use the most advanced women’s imaging technology amid beautiful new surroundings.  You receive comprehensive services under one roof – which means you won’t be sent to see doctors or get testing anywhere else.

Our Breast Imagers are board certified and have specialty training. The Center is fully accredited in all areas of Breast Imaging by the American College of Radiology and meets all the requirements of the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act.  This means, as a patient, you can feel confident that you are getting  the very highest quality services.

Digital Mammography

All breast imaging equipment at the Center used for scanning and diagnostic purposes is digital 3-D (tomosynthesis), rather than traditional digital mammography equipment.  Digital mammography creates high-resolution images that are exceptionally clear and detailed. This allows the Breast Imager to identify and diagnose extremely small masses/lumps and tiny deposits of calcium (calcification). This contributes to earlier detection, more accurate diagnosis and better overall patient care.

Digital mammography may lower radiation dose, especially in patients with dense breast tissue. It captures images that are displayed within seconds, shortening your appointment time significantly.

If the results of the mammogram indicate the need for further diagnostic testing, a follow-up biopsy may be required.  Our specialists do a biopsy when a mammogram, breast ultrasound or breast MRI shows signs of an abnormality that needs further diagnosis.  A biopsy involves removing a small amount of breast tissue so that it can be examined under a microscope, which allows doctors (pathologists) to determine whether the mass/lump is cancerous.  Used is a large needle, carefully placed at the exact location of the abnormal tissue, to remove it, using either stereotactic mammography or ultrasound.  There is little recovery time needed and you can leave the facility shortly after the procedure is completed.

Bone Density Scanning

The Center will also measure bone density to determine your risk for osteoporosis. The test is a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA), which focuses on two main areas – the hip and the spine. The scan of these areas will give enough information to determine if you are at risk to get fractures in other bones in your body. The scan generally takes 10 to 20 minutes. The amount of radiation you get from the X-rays is low. There is no injection or recovery time.

Women’s Imaging Center at the SBH Health and Wellness Center

4507 Third Avenue

Bronx, New York 10457