The transformation of health care in the Bronx depends on your help.

SBH Medical Fitness Center

The SBH Medical Fitness Center is more than simply a place to work out. Rather, it’s part of a solution for improving the health of our community outside the doctor’s office. Our mission, after all, is not simply to treat you when you are sick, but also to keep you healthy.

As a member of the fitness center you will not only have the benefit of exercising under the direction of fitness and rehabilitation experts, but of scheduling time with nutritionists to help you design a diet and learn how to cook healthy (through the teaching kitchen and rooftop farm); undergo a mammography (at the breast imaging center); and receive medical services (through the women’s and children’s centers and urgent care center). Additional services like physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation are available directly across the street at St. Barnabas Hospital.

When you join our center, you may receive a fitness assessment that will examine your cardiovascular ability, flexibility, blood pressure, medical history, etc. so we can design a customized fitness program that will work best for you. Some members at the center will have been referred by their doctors and others will come on their own. Some will be gym regulars, but others may have never set foot in a gym before. Exercise specialists will walk the floor, with the understanding that if you have a chronic illness there may be certain things you should be doing and certain things you shouldn’t.

It’s all about taking a more proactive approach to your health. Our belief is that if you exercise and eat right, chances are you’ll have better health and live longer.

Teaching Kitchen

This will be one of the first teaching kitchens in the country associated with hospital – and the first in New York City. It’s here that those living and working in the community can learn how to cook healthy for themselves and their families. The new teaching kitchen at SBH will teach staff, patients and Bronx residents how to make practical dietary changes that will improve their health.This will lead to changes in a community that is besieged by such problems as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

While physicians and medical professionals may talk about the importance of nutrition and diet, they don’t demonstrate exactly how to do this from buying the right ingredients to preparing it in a healthful and tasty way. This will be different here. Free cooking classes will be taught to residents in the community by culinary experts and medical staff.

Women’s Health Center

The Health & Wellness Center at SBH will integrate the best of Western scientific medicine with an understanding of complementary medicine that addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Care will be individualized to best address the individual’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances. This, for example, may include the use of such modalities as meditation, yoga, herbal therapy, massage, nutritional counseling, tai chi, Reiki, acupuncture and others. Research has shown that one heals best when both conventional and non-mainstream methods are used in combination. It helps people to recover from pain after surgery and to help those living with such chronic conditions as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression and anxiety, autoimmune and digestion diseases, and other medical issues.

The outdoor courtyard surrounding the second floor will feature an exercise and wellness path. This will include walking and yoga platforms, benches, a series of training exercise stations, and an amphitheater.