How Can You Help.

In order to provide these services at no or affordable costs for our community, we need your help.  After all, for just a few dollars you can make a difference in providing gym and healthy cooking classes to those who can benefit from them the most.

For just $80

you can provide a mother of four in the Bronx with a month’s worth of two-hour classes that will teach her how to prepare healthy eating recipes that will limit the chance her children will suffer from the heart disease that has plagued generations of family members.

For just $55

a parent/guardian and teen can join the gym for a month, offering a safe zone and a place for parent and teen to learn and grow together.

For just $35

you can provide a woman in the Bronx with diabetes a month’s worth of exercise classes that will allow her to continue to lose weight.

For just $25

you can provide a family with weekly gifts of fresh vegetables, fruits and honey for a month.

The project is transformational and intergenerational. A special focus will be on educating children and teens on how to eat and cook healthy and, in general, live a longer and healthier life.The campaign is ambitious, but so is the mission of the center. It’s our way of investing in the community we serve. To help make this dream a reality, we need your help.